Sunday, 25 May 2008


BUSH BFSAT01HD freesat bench test.

In the interest of this report for those interested we left the Bush BFsat01HD powered up for the last 24 hours. We wanted to check things like heat and picture and also to see if the box showed any problems.
As this budget receiver is "Exclusive", to Argos we really wanted to make sure our own honest reputation was not being compromised as official agents for Argos as we are fully aware satellite knowledge cannot be learned overnight or on a two day course for retail managers. We also know before a freesat set top box can be sold in the U.K. it has to have underwent stringent tests by the top people in DTG Testing Ltd.
We selected the budget freesat receiver to see if there were any differences against the Humax Foxsat which we have already bench tested.
The Bush BFsat01HD picture cannot be faulted through the HDMI connection and leaving it connected via the HDMI we put the Bush BFsat01 HD through it's paces with respect to upscaling and downscaling.
For those unsure the term upscaling simply means when you scale from a lower resolution to a higher resolution and this affects things like pixels, interlacing and deinterlacing, frames etc..
For example; 720p being upscaled to a 1080i TV screen.
Downscaling is a reverse of the above.
With the Bush BFsat01HD we shifted and reset all possible parameters with a plasma TV which has a normal setting at 1080i, we tried it all sorts of combinations from the lowest to the highest and back again. The Bush BFsat01HD behaved impeccably with no problems.
As most buyers will be after an HD system this augers well for the Bush BFsat01HD as the majority of new style TV's are handling all sorts of screen sizes and settings.
We reckon when a buyer goes to get anything to do with TV their main concern is taking the item home and finding out later they have bought a lemon. The Bush BFsat01HD is not a lemon in fact you could call it a strawberry as using the Bush BFsat01HD for the viewer is sweet.
"Set it and Forget it", features, excellent picture for that HD programme, a child could use the Bush BFsat01HD, the price of £119.99 is very good and Argos have a winning freesat box.
We love the Bush and this is one of a couple we will be keeping.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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