Saturday, 24 May 2008



We come to the last of the freesat HD set top boxes to test and report on.
BUSH BFSAT01HD set top box is yet another freesat offering in the same mould as the likes of the Grundig Gufsat01HD and the Goodmans GFsat200HD.
We have yet again "Set Up and Forget", features that will thrill new buyers of these freesat set top boxes. For so long now electronic equipment of all sorts have been intimidating users with just too many useless features.
You have to say watching the Bush BFsat01HD in action while on set up this too is a winner for the viewing British Public. The Bush BFsat01HD is not for those who like to lift the lid and see how it ticks, this set top box is made to be left alone.
The EPG is very similar to the Grundig Gufsat 01HD and also the Goodmans GFsat200HD with bright easy to follow colours and again very intuitive menus which are very easy to move through and understand, a feature which will suit all ages.
The cost made us consider this box may be poor compared with the rest but this is not the case as the Bush BFsat01HD is as good as the rest and the picture in upscale is also excellent. Argos can be proud of their Bush BFsat01HD as this is exclusive to them and we are sure many will want this box and not simply for the price difference.
Price difference aside the Bush BFsat01HD freesat set top box is another winner for the viewer who is now spoilt for choice.
Personal opinions are going to play a huge part on selecting a sitting room addition of a freesat set top box as there is little difference in the picture quality in both HDMI and normal scart with the Grundig Gufsat 01HD the Goodmans GFsat200HD and the Bush BFsat01HD, all of these freesat set top boxes have good colour and the HDMI connection all HD viewers want is nothing less than superb so it will be a very difficult choice to make.
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