Thursday, 1 May 2008


The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box can be connected to the new Sky box.
To connect the Freesat box and the Sky box together is a simple single cable solution. If both boxes are powered at the same time only the Freesat can be viewed, but as we all know it is not advisable to power them at the same time although this could easily be done in error by anyone forgetting to switch off one of the receivers on switchover to view something on either box.
Please not; do this at your own risk although the design of the Grundig with the LNB IN and LNB OUT can only be for this purpose.
If you view the graphic the cable procedure is quite straightforward.
The coax cable that come from the LNB within the satellite dish fixes into the LNB IN point of the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box connection.
From the LNB OUT connection of the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box a cable with both ends capped with F-Connectors, one screwed into the LNB out port of the Gufsat and one screwed into the Sky box single SKY in point. The cable length was tested as shown in the graphic and we also tested it using a piece of coax. approx. 10 mtrs long.
Both work flawlessly. This is excellent news for those with existing Sky systems or other satellite systems as this is an even more affordable upgrade path to Freesat TV from the BBC/ITV platform.
The way it works is as follows;
depending on which satellite platform you wish to view; ie; either Freesat or Sky once the coax cables are set as shown it's a simple case of switching on your chosen remote control to power up your chosen box, making sure the other box is left in standby.
The set-up on the graphic shows that the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box is wired as the master, and the Sky box as the slave.
We could find no degradation in either the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box or the Sky Thomson box, both worked as normal.

The BBC research and inovation team along with the Grundig design team have given us a winning non obtrusive small satellite receiver which delivers a perfect high quality performance. All from a single LNB and cable solution!...excellent!
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!


Garrif said...

If you are using HD Ready televisions via HDMI, what quality increases are there between Sky and Freesat SD pictures?

Domain Holdings. said...

Hello Garrif,
we tested the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box with a Philips and a Samsung both plasma screens connected to both the scart and the HDMI in turn.
The increase in picture quality using the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD box has to be one of the best we have seen. The fact that you can set the Gufsat to HDMI viewing and it automatically upscales everything is a huge bonus in picture quality for even the oldest programming. We compared the Grundig Gufsat HD with a Thomson Sky box for picture quality and we felt the Grundig Gufsat was better, it may have been we have an inferior Sky box ? we don't know.
When we looped the Sky box through the Grundig Gufsat HD we had to use the Grundig Gufsat as the Master as the Sky box has only one single coax point, but the picture difference on loop through was a slight difference with the Grundig Gufsat HD box as it looked clearer. This could have been put down to a couple of reasons(poor eyesite maybe?), 5 of us agreed and 2 didn't so in this respect you have to test it yourself when things get public properly. One thing for sure this little Grundig Gufsat 01 HD may have an unusual name but it is a winner for us.