Friday, 16 May 2008



FREESAT DIGITAL BOXES can run anyway you want them to, here's the set up of how to, and a little review of how we see it!
With all the negative talk and misleading information hitting the well known forums we decided to put a few records straight. Some of the fanciful ideas coming form forum members who do not have any digital box and intend never to have one is quite amazing. As most of you know and for those who have been in touch personally, then this report is for you, and for our overseas writers this will answer a few questions we hope, but please keep in mind nobody has supplied proof to us personally yet, we reckon 1.5/7 mtrs but we expect positive reports soon about minimum dish sizes even although we obviously cannot condone Freesat box use outside the U.K.
We tested the loop through completely and we have found this set-up still works with one single cable.
We first tried the Samsung as master and hooked the Goodmans gfsat using the loopthrough and using the Goodmans gfsat loopthrough hooked up the Humax Foxsat making the Humax third in line...all worked and all worked 100%. We tried all sorts of permutations without problems.
We then hooked up the Goodmans gfsat as master to the Samsung and finally the Humax Foxsat and again tried and tested all sorts of permutations without problems.
We then tested the four boxes but still leaving the Humax to last but replacing third in line with a Pace HD free-to-view box and still it worked with no visible signal loss. We used a 1mtre dish for our tests and a .02 lnb with a 20 mtre coax run and no inline amps...very impressive!
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!
Keep your eyes peeled for Freesat stocks coming back into stores this incoming week!

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