Wednesday, 7 May 2008



With the freesat box does it matter which postal code you enter?

We have tested the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD and also the Humax Foxsat HD set top boxes and tried entering different postal codes, we have found if you try and mislead the box by adding any old digits in the boxes do tell you that the postal code is not recognised. We did find that if you add a postal code out of your area the boxes perform normally.
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I see you have reviewed 2 different freesat boxs which box had the best signal strength?

The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD set top box we found has more signal strength than the HUmax Foxsat but this may well be just the boxes we tested. We consider the Grundig Gufsat at the moment the only one tested ideal for looping to other satellite receivers of all kinds because of the LNB IN and the LNB OUT feature.
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of the two different freesat boxes which one did you find easier to use.

Both boxes have excellent EPG systems but the Humax wins hands down as the colours are clear and vibrant even in the EPG control. The fault we find, if it can be classed as a fault is the postal code set up in both boxes is not for those with Arthritus or poor motor skills etc...
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Will freesat get better or will it drop off?

Freesat is one of the best things to happen to the U.K. ever. We should be proud of the facts that
free TV is being delivered to a country where big business call U.K. "Treasure Island".
Freesat is very likely to rocket in popularity simply because the U.K. will suddenly have no monthly fee to fork out, or pay out troubleshooting help line fees.
It will take the U.K. a very long time to realize free TV is good and HD is a huge bonus. The majority will know all films and all series programmes will come to Freesat eventually.

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