Sunday, 11 May 2008


DIGITAL TELEVISION RECORDERS OR TVR's will soon be with us for Freesat TV.

The TVR's will be something special with respect to Freesat as these particular TVR's are the only PVR types that can handle the Freesat metadata. Many will try different connections and it will be interesting to read what people have discovered.
If it is likely they may well use eventually PUSH VOD and if Freesat actually decide to use PUSH VOD then external PVR's have no chance of being used.
To explain;
the method of PUSH VOD is not new but a market has to be made for the product and like all good ideas it has taken a long time to smooth out the wrinkles.
The way it works with pay TV is "Content" (ie; News,Music,Sport,Comedy etc...) is transferred to the DTR hard drive and the content is encoded and offered for rent or to buy. If the viewer wants to view it they simply push a button after they purchase and it is already there in their TVR, at any time Freesat can download "Content", into your DTR. BBC tests were using one hundred hours per week which is more than enough for any couch potato.
The transfer stream does not have to be encrypted but the Freesat metadata will make it unique to Freesat equipment which will make all other satellite receivers obsolete with respect to PUSH VOD.
Only time will tell if this Service will be introduced into Freesat although we think the chances are very high.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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