Wednesday, 7 May 2008


HUMAX FOXSAT HD COUPLED WITH SAMSUNG, which means multi-sat enthusiasts everywhere can still use the Humax Foxsat HD freesat receiver if they wish. Many have asked us about the feasability of the Humax Foxsat HD working with other receivers and we can report the coupling works.
As you will see in the graphic we used a samsung as the master and the Humax as the slave, we made sure that the samsung was on stand by BEFORE switching on the Humax Foxsat HD.
The Humax came through after a slight delay as we had switched off all power before testing the coupling of the boxes. The picture on the Humax was just the same as straight coax direct from the dish.
We switched the Humax to stand by BEFORE switching on the Samsung and it too worked perfectly.
As the Humax is not designed for loop through we played safe and would advise all to do the same as there is only one LNB in on the Humax Foxsat.
Both boxes worked perfectly but we did make sure the other one was on stand by and we only carried out this test to compare with the already tried and tested Grundig Gufsat 01 HD.
Please note as before; please only do this at your own risk, although we cannot see any problem as long as one is on stand by while the other is switched on.
Although the Humax Foxsat HD worked perfectly well we cannot suggest this as a permanent fix
as switchers and auto switchers can do the same job and you can be sure about power off one box at a time.
As one of five Freesat products to go to market the Humax Foxsat HD shines again!
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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