Wednesday, 21 May 2008


FREESAT TV BUDGET INSTALLATION and make friends at the same time.

To continue our economical Freesat installations and different ways to set up your Freesat HD digital box and satellite dish.
You won't find this on many manuals but there is nothing to stop you getting Freesat dish and cabling on a budget.
Visit your neighbours and ask them if they want Freesat on a budget ? Your more than likely to get a positive response.
Decide where you want the dish to be sited on one of four houses and then fit a quad LNB with four coax cables coming from the quad LNB. No laws are being broken unless as normal you have to apply in conservation areas to your local council so the satellite dish plus cables can be sited for the benefit of the local by-laws and the environment, maybe somewhere hidden for example. You can then have the choice of Freesat satellite receivers all for 25% of the normal installation costs.
We have never understood why for the benefit of the environment this has never been implemented throughout the U.K. and with a single cable solution being much more environmentally and user friendly we suggest this as an alternative to consider along with other types of installations.
Other types of installation are;
Freesat and!!
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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