Wednesday, 28 May 2008


HUMAX FOXSATHD FREESAT SET TOP BOX picture quality enhancements.

While everybody is concerned about the content management being implemented in the Humax Foxsat component connection we have been surprised that nobody has mentioned the enhanced picture quality which we can only suggest may have been implemented into the 1.07 Humax Foxsat update.
We have found that by switching off as described in the content management splash screen the suggestion of switching off the analogue HD output the HD and the HD upscaling has improved.
The colours are more vivid and the picture quality seems much clearer so either the Humax Foxsat picture has been enhanced or the switching off, of the HD analogue connection has improved the Humax Foxsat HD picture and also the HD upscaling.
Is it news to you ? the you read it here first!

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Vinny said...

I wonder if you can help me? i have tried to switch off the HD analogue Output. thinking that i can put a hd channel picture to a component lead to my plasma? the sync keeps failing. i guess this means the humax does not have a component ouput or that it has been disabled in the software update?
regards Vinny