Wednesday, 14 May 2008



The Goodmans GFSAT100SD is a smart silver box with one little blue switch which is striking and non-obtrusive. The light is showing blue means the box is on standby, the light is off and the box is switched on.
The box in action is superb, and although we were at first unsure about the asking price of £69-99 it all makes sense now. The retailers have priced it about right.
The EPG is in our opinion superb for non techie heads if you compare it with the Humax Foxsat and the Grundig Gufsat. The menu's are really user friendly and very intuitive with unmistakeable lay outs and information. Unlike the other two we have tested the full menu can be read clearly on each page so there is little chance of getting confused(very handy for those non-technical senior citizens).
Although we tested a non-HD receiver the GOODMANS GFSAT100SD has an excellent picture and it is streets ahead of Freeview or terrestrial TV.
On the rear we tested this box with connection to other satellite receivers and we are glad to report this box is suitable for ALL satellite receiver connection, the loop through is a bonus for those who already have satellite equipment.
We wanted to test an SD Freesat box and we have been pleasantly surprised how good the Goodmans GFSAT100SD has been, we expected a simple cut down version of an HD box, but this is not the case. The GOODMANS GFSAT 100SD has tested as something special and far beyond our expectations.
We are split with this box 4 to 3 and it is hard to choose between this one and the others so we have to say personal opinion must come into this.
We love the excellent picture quality and the excellent EPG which is the best yet.
prospective viewers will love the clear crisp picture this one gives but like the Grundig Gufsat this is designed to set up and forget it.
It is NOT for the technical person who likes to get inside the box.
A winner for the British public.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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