Monday, 12 May 2008


FREESAT AND BT are going to be very much part of our future Freesat TV platform.

BBC and ITV have already strongly hinted that multimedia is the future of television but there will be no multimedia as long as we are stuck in time with old and outdated telephone systems.
BT are doing what they can by working hard to bring into fruition better quality and updated communication systems to cope with the future demand of platforms like Freesat but BT are not expected to have the work completed for years and the original 2011 may well turn into 2012 or later before the 21st Century Network is completed.
It is strongly rumoured that some will even lose speed, although we think this is rather alarmist as there simply would be no point in updating for multimedia projects and platforms if the speed was not up to standards for using it. Speeds of 100mbs as standard seem logical with no time delay or lag when phoning a friend overseas.
Although the updating will cost big bucks BT will be the winner in the long run and share holders have no worries about profits or dividends. The monies saved will make it all worthwhile for BT with ADSL-2 likely and ADSL-3 a possibility.
With so many ISP's dishing out misleading speed ads it is very difficult to get a clear picture of a majority true internet speed.
My friends ISP boasts speeds up to 8mbs and he gets 2mbs max, the answer is in the advert with the magic words "UP TO", being the culprit and magnet for internet users which works out that those users who are getting that same 2 mbs when the advert says "UP TO" 8 mbs are subsidising those few users who actually do get 8mbs.
Maybe the BT 21st Century Network scheme will cure the uncertainty of internet speed and with luck (but unlikely) remove the ridiculous situation of a different speed depending on where in the United Kindom you live.
Multimedia gamers are likely to be the hotspot for maximum speed and we are quite sure Freesat will deliver this, now whether the cost will be met by paying your ISP rather than extra on your TV time will dictate this, we think your ISP will wring more cash out of us if they can, as rumours suggest different prices for internet tier access is a near certainty and what better excuse than updating of BT. Once again shopping around will be the best bet for everybody.
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