Monday, 5 May 2008


Multimedia from the BBC and ITV will soon be upon us in the form of Freesat. Beautiful pictures in HD are a certainty for those with the correct equipment of an HD ready TV, an Freesat HD digital set top box, A satellite dish pointing at 28.2/28.5 degrees East with an LNB within the dish.
All Freesat boxes are equipped with an ethernet connection which means all Freesat set top boxes and future Freesat TV's such as the soon to be released Panasonic which will have inside the Freesat equipment will be able to watch at their own leasure; News programmes, Sport, Drama, Soaps etc...these are a possibility that may well be soon with us on Freesat.
For those who want everything yesterday this amazing multimedia is already with us. There is no excuse for missing that favourite soap or football game. A quick look at the ITVi Catch Up page covers the last 30 days, yes a whole month covers ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and for the kids CITV. the only difference is they are all on line and watchable if you have a broadband connection. A quick glance in the ITV Catch up page and the whole world can view for free programmes like; UEFA CUP with Rangers V Fiorentina, Bahrain Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix, Coronation Street, Heartbeat etc... All these and more can be viewed at;
BBCi is the name of the BBC's latest multimedia baby and it too is quality without bounderies and again open to all for free.
BBCi covers the last 7days on all BBC channels where you can watch from the latest Doctor Who to Top Gear and not forgetting the kids programmes like Pingu.
As Freesat will eventually become the National TV for the U.K. the idea that multimedia runs alongside to compliment it has been well thought out for the future and stability of the U.K.'s National TV network, perhaps the rest of the world will follow that lead! The BBCi multimedia channels can be found at;

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