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HUMAX FOXSAT HD MULTI-SAT features for those who like to play with their electronic toys.
The Humax Foxsat although small in size compared to your everyday garden variety of satellite receivers is very impressive for a free to air digital set top box.
We decided we wanted to have a proper look at the Humax Foxsat and try the Humax from the secret DiseqC 1.2 menu.
Please note you do this at your own risk and if you muck up your box it is your own responsibility. Please also note; many variations can be tried with this little gem of a box.
We used the following; 1mtre satellite dish with Stab motor, Samsung multi-sat receiver using the Samsung as the Master and the Humax Foxsat as the slave on loop from the Samsung.
We used the Samsung to go from East to West to set the Humax Foxsat parameters as each time we attempted to set the Humax on it's own without the Samsung it homed on 1 West every time we tried memorising different satellites(we feel there maybe an update still to come for this?) We tried reset and factory reset with the same conclusion. It could have been unique to our Humax Foxsat.
From the Menu select setup---> we are interested in the dish graphic or third graphic from the top. Press right arrow key on the Humax Foxsat remote and move the highlight effect using your arrow keys on the Humax Foxsat remote to highlight "Manual Tune".
Enter the secret menu by pressing;
Red-->Green-->Yellow-->Blue-->, Green-->Yellow-->Blue.
This opens up;
"Antenna Settings", in "Antenna Settings" you are given the choice of;
Fixed Antenna
SCD Antenna
Motor Antenna
SMATV Antenna
For our exercise we selected "Motor Antenna", selecting "Motor Antenna", the Humax Foxsat warns you selecting "Motor Antenna" will delete all your channels. We chose to delete for this exercise.
We then used the remote to go into "Satellite Settings", and you then get a new choice of menu with;
Motor Settings
Edit Satellite Data
Position Setting
Limit Setting
We first entered "Limit Setting" to set max West and East on our dish.
We then entered "Motor Settings" and in the LNB frequency we set this to "Universal" and the LNB power to "Standard".
The motor type we set to; DiseqC 1.2.
Once set we pressed the Humax Foxsat remote left arrow button to go back into "Satellite Settings" and we then selected "Edit Satellite Data" and in this menu you are given the choice of "Satellite" which lets you leaf through the whole Clark Belt of Satellites.
For this exercise we chose Eurobird1 because it is at the same satellite position as Astra 2 or Freesat(also marked as Freesat 28.2 East). We o.k.'d this with the Humax Foxsat remote and in the same menu moved to "Activate Satellite" using the Humax Foxsat arrow down button.
We enabled the satellite with a couple of button press's and saved the settings again using the intuative arrow keys on the Humax Foxsat remote we again entered the satellite settings and selected the "Position Settings". In this menu you are presented with;
Motor Driving.
We selected "Satellite" and leafing through the named satellites we chose Eurobird 1 again and o.k.'d this on the Humax Foxsat remote.
We then selected the "Transponder", and found you can either leaf through the known Eurobird 1 transponders or add your own manually (nice little touch).
We then selected 11224V 27500 as we wanted to find Classic FM.
We then selected "Motor Driving", and the choice was given as Continuous, Step, Time, just the same as the majority of motorised satellite systems, we set ours to continuous.
Underneath this menu you have a West and an East remote control positioner (great idea), we did NOT request it to go to the stored position as the box insisted on going to 1 West no matter what or how we loaded the information and memorised and saved it. We used the Samsung from loop to go to different sat positions. We settled on Eurobird 1, as we were already at 28.2 East we asked the Humax FoxsatHD to memorise and "Store Current Position" via the Humax Foxsat remote for Eurobird 1 the HUmax Foxsat then flashes a banner telling you "Current Position Has Been Saved".
From "Satellite Settings", using the Humax Foxsat arrow keys on the remote control we moved back to "Antenna Settings" and requested a search via the "Search" and then the remote OK button.
This is a basic guide to what we regard as a comprehensive "free-To-Air digital satellite receiver which is completely different from the other Freesat digital set top boxes on the go.
It would be wrong to try and compare this Freesat box with any of the others as this Freesat box is far more comprehensive than any of the Freesat boxes on sale. We have no doubt that the picture will sharpen up over time as each and every update makes major improvements until the boxes are complete. The Humax Foxsat menu system is not for the faint hearted and is solely a satellite enthusiasts dream for playing with, yet on the other hand it can also be used as a "Set up and Forget freesat digital set top box".
The Humax quality and expertise is showing everywhere and the secret menu system is not for everybody to play around in so unless you are familiar with satellite receivers we cannot really suggest viewers who are new to satellite systems to poke around inside the secret menu.
For those unsure how to get back to freesat tv from non-freesat tv, you enter the menu on the Humax Foxsat remote and in the settings the top graphic of the World and a watch you then see the main page with either freesat or non-freesat showing, simply change this with your remote control, o.k. this and press "Exit"--> this will take you into either freesat or non-freesat depending on what you chose.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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