Monday, 5 May 2008


GRUNDIG GUFSAT 01 HD DIGITAL SET TOP BOX breaks new ground in our testing.

Testing the Grundig Gufsat compatibility with other standalone satellite receivers has hit a new high note.
We tested the Grundig Gufsat with a multi-sat system and it works 100% with unexpected results.
We tested first the Grundig Gufsat as Master with the coax from the satellite dish first in the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD set top box leading to the multi-sat box and we also connected as we did with the sky box previously(view here how to set up your sky box) but the results are much different.
At this point we say, get into the habit of switching into stand-by one of your systems while watching with the other as double voltage going through your lnb may cause problems.
We were able to leave the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD powered up and at the same time powered up the multi-sat receiver and by using the AV button on the remote control of the TV we were able to toggle between both receiver at the same time using AV1 and AV2 on a Samsung plasma TV.
When we switched the Master control to the Multi-sat receiver we got the same results apart from the important point that if you intend to use a multi-sat your dish has obviously got to be moved to multi-sat positions using your Diseqc equipped receiver instead of the non-diseqc Grundig Gufsat 01 HD set top box.
I think we can say with a high degree of certainty the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD set top box can be used all over the house with one single cable on looping through multiple Grundig Gufsat 01 HD Freesat set top boxes.
Another brilliant idea between the BBC research and innovation and the Grundig in house research team.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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Red23 said...

Well, I work for Comet and have the Grundig GUFSAT01HD myself. I can confirm it delivers much better picture quality than the Humax FOXSAT-HD which I’ve tested. The Humax had a very soft looking picture, and although delivered a very good image on the BBC HD channel it still couldn’t compare to the Grundig. The Grundig also has a better menu system as well as a more compact remote control, the unit itself is a lot smaller. The Grundig found 82 channels, where the Humax only 76 (which I’m still struggling to work out!). If it helps, I tested both units on my Panasonic TH50PX60 720p plasma using a Monster HDMI cable.

Jason Williams.