Friday, 30 May 2008

Panasonic Viera, TH-42PZ81, TH-46PZ81, TH-50PZ81 FREESAT TV.

Panasonic Viera,
TH-42PZ81, TH-46PZ81, TH-50PZ81

First details about the new range of FREESAT TV's have started to emerge and excitement is starting to build for the first FREESAT Enabled HDTV SET.
Image quality is what this latest Panasonic is all about with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, which means high definition 1080p
sources are displayed with pixel sharpness and clarity assured.
This Panasonic will also accept a 1080p 24Hz signal and display it without converting it to 60Hz using the new Real Cinema technology so I for one
can't wait to really test this screen out later. With 100Hz processing, x-v-Colour wide gamut processing there's a lot going on here with no less than three HDMI 1.3 ports and more connections than onw would know what to do with. Panasonic has also included an SD card slot that is normally found in their top spec TV's,
and can only play back JPEG images also included is the AVCHD capability of high definition footage for example taking it direct from a camcorder.
One of the most interesting features of this FREESAT ENABLED TV is the fact this Panasonic TV has no less that three onboard TV tuners
and with multi-satellite compatibility making this Panasonic FREESAT ENABLED TV with Full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080 a worlds first.
More information to follow soon!

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