Tuesday, 6 May 2008


The humax Foxsat HD digital box was a pleasure to test.
We found the Humax Foxsat HD set top box smart to look at and easy to set up and connect to other video and audio connections.
On set-up the Humax Foxsat is auto setup as it hunts out the system software first then it returns to the original set up screen and then it auto updates all the TV and radio information from the metadata.
Once again the postcode is NOT for the dexterous as the Humax is the same as the Grundig with push button postal code set up. A note for the manufacturers again, please consider a change here.
Once the Humax Foxsat is set up with all metadata features the box itself is easy to operate.
The colours are easy on the eye and text is sharp and readable with lots of on screen information about seignal strength and signal quality on every channel. We were impressed with the Humax Foxsat menu system as it is obvious plenty of experience is inbuilt via the Humax satellite reputation.
The Humax Foxsat HD picture is superb and the upscaling using the HDMI is also superb, it matches or betters the Pace HD 810XE Free-to-air receiver. The audio is crisp and clear with no sibilance or distortions.
The RGB out scart is switchable to CBBS on the menus and on the VCR scart output you have the choice via the menu for CBBS or S-VIDEO.
Both E4 and more4 looked particularly crisp and clear compared to other free-to-view boxes.
The Humax Foxsat unlike the cool Grundig Gufsat is showing a little heat this could be due to the fact that it has 240v mains plug.
Parts of the menu system we like are the simple to follow settings menu by clicking OK on the remote and you are then faced with either, TV set-up, language, time, parental control. There is also a feature for bringing in non postcode regional variation channels which can be added as extras. This feature has been well thought out as it will become a commercial hotel bonus.
We also found that the Humax Foxsat is set up for multimedia and broadband and raring to go when the broadband and multimedia kick into action from the Freesat platform.
We found the Humax Foxsat HD set top box a high quality satellite receiver set top box which many will appreciate with plenty of tweakable touches not found on any other Free-to-view set top box.
The Humax Foxsat is not just a "set up and forget set top box", the HUmax Foxsat is a winner.
The Humax Foxsat HD Freesat set top box is worthy of a place in your sitting room.
The Humax reputation is shining brightly if this is their Freesat flagship.
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