Friday, 16 May 2008



If our jungle drums are to be believed then Freesat will be rolling out properly this incoming
week starting as of the 18th of May.
This was the original date passed to us from our source many weeks ago and reported both here and in our multimedia forum so we shall soon see.
The guessing games have surfaced on many forums with reports of the 1st of may up until a few days ago when it seemed everybody gave up and although Freesat gave the 6th May it got started as a damp squib.
The rumour factory has been working overtime with Freesat but nothing could be more crazy with intelligent posters making suggestions a recall has been made on something that has never been made public, but like all good urban rumours no proof can be found so one assumes dirty tricks at play here. The new Freesat boxes have come under fire for being different in the sense that these new Freesat digital boxes have the nerve to be totally capable of looking after themselves with respect to auto updating and set up and forget features. We believe that Freesat digital boxes are designed for the viewer who has more to do than watch TV all day. We are delighted that nobody can complain about the truly excellent Freesat digital picture quality on boxes like the Grundig Gufsat or the Goodmans SD digital box or the excellent EPG's on Freesat digital boxes on the whole.
BBC reports suggest a shortage on boxes but some retailers will accept advanced orders but we believe this week may well see an upsurge in Freesat box availabilty.
Prices we think will stay quite stable for a while as promises of multimedia projects are thick on the ground and with knowledge of other European countries jumping on the Freesat bandwagon for their own countries we maybe a step closer to multi lingual programming, not forgetting the new Freesat digital boxes can get an over the air update at any time with the special architecture of the Freesat metadata.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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Vinny said...

i did have trouble buying my freesat box. i bought the humax foxsat box. my only concern is that i cannot play output via the component connection. my plasma is one of the first with only component or composite connections...