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FREESAT PVR TECHNOLOGY what does it mean to us the consumer.
The idea of Freesat being free for all is something worth waiting for but why should PVR systems make it any better.
Most of us have Video recorders or DVD recorders and some have new but soon to be outdated by new type PVR recorders, that is if you buy a Freesat PVR.
I won't go into the details about PVR's (personal video recorders) which are used by viewers that watch and store everything from Sport to Movies.
The PVR's we should be taking note of are PVR's of the future, for example Freesat PVR's inbuilt inside a Freesat box and called a Freesat digital PVR box or similar. The idea that these PVR's will be different is 100% correct as these PVR's are going to be your own personal library so it would be prudent for all Freesat PVR's to make their Freesat PVR hard disks as large as possible and in time we are talking terabytes of storage capacity. So if you have been saving all your Manchester United football games and movies this is what you will be looking for and certainly want in the future and that future is now going to be a lot closer than first thought. Because we are now streaking towards HD (high definition) the demand for larger and larger storge capacity is inevitable as HD takes up much more space than normal SD programming.
The idea that HD will be captured for posterity sits well with lots of TV enthusiasts and you can expect copy management protection to be a matter of course in these PVR's.
What we have to keep in mind when we are choosing our Freesat PVR is that existing stand alone PVR's will not be compatable with Freesat HD boxes unless someone comes up with a method which will get them locked up, therefore a whole new framework will be started.
The idea that a terabyte or two seems ridiculous until you consider your home PC which has grown so many tentacles from the old Spectrum Sinclair and it's now common practice for some PC's to have terabytes of space for all types of storage.
Why would we need terabytes of space;
Freesat intend to make multimedia a prominent part of Freesat and it will probably take over one day. If they intend to do a type of free VOD(video on demand) and they send out a restart lets say every 30minutes they will need 4 transponders if it's a two hour programme which will make it awkward by their own success, so what better way than to inform Freesat viewers the exact time they can switch on their PVR's to watch it any time...problem solved! The program is stored, the advertiser knows his audience and Freesat have no transponder problems.
The American market is being encouraged into a thing called PUSH VOD which is an interactive marketing strategy aimed at you and me the consumer, only time will tell if this will be a success.
The end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 saw BBC test the PUSH VOD technology and in the trials 100 hours per week were automatically recorded and stored.
The whole idea was to allow the viewer to create their own personal packet of for example;
News, Music, Movies, Sport that's choice!
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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bookman said...

very, very interesting, but when will they be on sale. I cannot wait. I am having two more cables fitted from my dish ready for freesat, so come on you tech boys, get it rolling. A GREAT BIG PLEASE, Colin.